zot is an OCI image registry. Prior to 2.1.0, the cache driver `GetBlob()` allows read access to any blob without access control check. If a Zot `accessControl` policy allows users read access to some repositories but restricts read access to other repositories and `dedupe` is enabled (it is enabled by default), then an attacker who knows the name of an image and the digest of a blob (that they do not have read access to), they may maliciously read it via a second repository they do have read access to. This attack is possible because [`ImageStore.CheckBlob()` calls `checkCacheBlob()`]( to find the blob a global cache by searching for the digest. If it is found, it is copied to the user requested repository with `copyBlob()`. The attack may be mitigated by configuring "dedupe": false in the "storage" settings. The vulnerability is fixed in 2.1.0.