Improperly Preserved Integrity of Hardware Configuration State During a Power Save/Restore Operation (CWE-1304) in the Controller 6000 and 7000 can lead to secured door locks connected via Aperio Communication Hubs to momentarily allow free access.  This issue affects: Gallagher Controller 6000 and 7000 9.10 prior to vCR9.10.240520a (distributed in 9.10.1268(MR1)), 9.00 prior to vCR9.00.240521a (distributed in 9.00.1990(MR3)),  8.90 prior to vCR8.90.240520a (distributed in 8.90.1947 (MR4)), 8.80 prior to vCR8.80.240520a (distributed in 8.80.1726 (MR5)), 8.70 prior to vCR8.70.240520a (distributed in 8.70.2824 (MR7)), all versions of 8.60 and prior.