External Control of Critical State Data (CWE-642) in the Controller 6000 and Controller 7000 diagnostic web interface allows an authenticated user to modify device I/O connections leading to unexpected behavior that in some circumstances could compromise site physical security controls. Gallagher recommend the diagnostic web page is not enabled (default is off) unless advised by Gallagher Technical support. This interface is intended only for diagnostic purposes. This issue affects: Gallagher Controller 6000 and 7000 9.10 prior to vCR9.10.240520a (distributed in 9.10.1268(MR1)), 9.00 prior to vCR9.00.240521a (distributed in 9.00.1990(MR3)), 8.90 prior to vCR8.90.240520a (distributed in 8.90.1947 (MR4)), 8.80 prior to vCR8.80.240520a (distributed in 8.80.1726 (MR5)), 8.70 prior to vCR8.70.240520a (distributed in 8.70.2824 (MR7)), all versions of 8.60 and prior.